My African Momís Delicacy

Mom does a lot of African dishes including the most popular which are egusi and groundnut soup and she knows that I fell in love with beans while I was still in the womb so she makes sure I get a plenty of it frequently with the way my mom prepares beans, I canít imagine a life without beans in it and I wonder why some people will say they donít eat beans. Mom wanted to try out her new skills so she decided to make beans with some secret ingredients I am still trying to figure out in my head. She bought fresh (ugwu) leaves from the market and cut them into medium sizes then emptied them into the pot of beans and cooked it to maximum. After the cooking, she closed the pot and waited for me to go to the pot myself.

When I got there and opened the pot, my eyes behold a leafy mud of red colored beans it was so leafy to the extent that if one dips a spoon into the pot to fetch a small portion of the food, a lot of spittle would have already gathered in your mouth and while chewing the yomyous delicacy, you will be soaked in tears of joy for having the privilege of coming through Nigeria. Now as your mouth is still filled with a mouth full, your stomach feels as if it had butterflies inside them. Boy after the eating is over; I bet you would not attend to the toilet in a hurry.