Free Writing

Shades light tree leaves on a tarred road beautiful girls and guys passing by vehicles motorcycles art students walking to and fro toiling to get their projects done. Tall ladies chewing gums big as cool air touching my skin green and yellow fill the whole sight surrounded by giant walls painted in red color and yellow design. Birds flying around singing loudly perching on trees at 16hours on Monday 15th October, 2018 Sam Smith good thing playing on a low volume and a guy sitting close wearing a white T-shirt bright and hot sunlight shinning so relentlessly and bus filled with children passing by the security check point. Sweet autumn. Very tall tree with dry woods of very dark brown color rough body so many branches scattered all over space dangerous to climb but pleasant to look at. Made for the eyes. A tree covered with so many leaves stem hidden thick shade beneath and I wonder if shade never leaves light. Blue sky touches of white and ash color clouds some dark and some moving over the sky so slowly like massive ships loaded with cargos moving with the force of the wind. Green grasses ankle high scattered all over with pink roses rolled up electric poles covering the thin foot path thousands of students trample in daily. Sam smith - leave your lover.mp3 playing at the lowest volume appreciating the artist in me. An Auchi man sitting close talking to the air so relentlessly chewing kola nut made it his routine to come daily to the cool spot.

Rams and sheep entering into the school to feed on grass mess up the school environment with their wastes in a world standard polytechnic. Too bad. Waiting patiently to watch as the bright shining sun sight hovers to settle west of this part of the earth as a result of the earth's rotation. Oh happy day my heart whispers with thirst bur ning up my throat and that's where the schedule planner wakes up and tells me "hey you gotta go home" and I wrap up with a shade light tree leaves on a tarred road.
HANT - have a nice time