Africa is the name of a continent located in the hot environments of the earth. It is home to the black race. When Africa is mentioned, most people think to the direction of an ancient oppressed race that has been left behind in civilization. Talking about Africa and civilization, with the way things are moving fast in the other parts of the earth saying that Africa is left behind is not an untrue statement

Africa is a part of the earth that has been in the dark for so long. It was a place of spirituality and popular fetish traditions until the whites brought to our knowledge the existence of a supreme being - God through Christianity and Islam. Some embraced Christianity and found peace and also realized that they had been in the dark for long while some embraced Islam and found peace and purpose for their lives. It was these religions that tightened the relationship between the white missionaries and the Africans thereby giving them the opportunity to share their privileges with the Africans. This was the beginning of civilization in most parts of Africa. Now civilization in Africa is a broad area of study that is not so much emphasized in this article as it is a topic for some other time.

Civilization started in the western world and at about the time it started, Africa was still in the dark. This is to say that there is bound to be a significant difference between where something started from and where it was taken to be shared with some new people. Now in the process of introducing something to a group of people who are considered as primitive, there is a tendency that there may be some complications, refusals, difficulties and frustrations attached to it.


Talking about how the African man sees things, it has to do with his point of view, his familiarity with the thing. Now the fact that an African man does not agree to what a white man is saying is because of some factors that must come to the knowledge of the white man. These factors include; weather, guardians, peers, cultures, experiences. All these factors come together to help mold him/her (the African man) into that personality so when he tells you “no! I don’t buy that,” relax it is because he does not see it in your direction yet and all he needs at that moment is some little tolerance from you and explanation. When you bring a product to him and expect him to buy it with happiness because you think it would be helpful to him, think twice because he may not see it as helpful as you see it. All he may be thinking of is you wanting to extort money from him or he may be seeing it as a liability. Relax he is easy to convince. All he needs is some little explanation and convincing.

The African man’s behavior is all a function of some factors that include beliefs, experiences and so on. For instance, an African man recently heard the news on TV that gas cooker killed some people when they lit it after they mistakenly forgot to close the gas tap. Now with this in their mind, You a sales personnel cannot bring a gas cooker to market around that environment because they must have already made up their mind to not use gas cooker again due to the dangers they believe is attached to its use. Now they don’t care to know that it was the user’s failure to close the gas tap that caused the domestic accident all they know is it killed somebody. The way to tackle this is by bringing to their knowledge information with their interest at heart. Think of the doubt in their mind and carefully blot it out by explaining to them calmly.


The whole world knows that Africa is a very hot and harsh place consisting of hot and fierce and hard people. People from Africa are mostly black because they all have the gene in them in other words it is their identity as Africans. Compared to the kind of life in the civilized world, where children are raised under good hands and average life, in Africa, children are born into hardship, hatred. It is either the parents are living their lives below average or in poverty and want because of this, the child starts learning how to fend for his/herself at a very tender age knowing well that he would not make it relying on the parents. This early responsibility exposes the child to dangers of the outside world, danger of oppression, bad behavior, bad friends who may lead him/her into trouble. At the end of the day, he grows into a hard young man who grows up in the streets, who passed through so many fights, hustle and learnt a lot of bad behaviors and probably got a negative view about life. Probably he does not believe in God and his care over humans and their welfare. He probably was able to have little education and was able to get secondary education then stopped there because he could not do well in school then at the end of it all after graduating from a higher institution, he can’t remember what he learnt in school or how to put it to practice because he probably bribed his way to get the result. At this stage he proceeds into the street again searching for a job and got one not related to his course of study but because he needed it to survive, je opted in to do the job and after a while he sees a lady he likes and they get married and give birth to a son and the son is born into the same hardship that his father was born into and he starts his own journey to fend for himself again and the circle keeps on rotating.

Now this is not saying that it is only in Africa that people experience hardship, No sir! Hardship is present in every part of the world but in different intensity. It is considered worse in Africa. So the next time you think of talking to an African man, consider the environment he grew up in and you will know how to approach him better.

Now in Africa, it is the belief that the woman is subject to the man in all areas. Women do not have so much freedom to oppose the man. They have a belief that the man after marrying the woman owns her and can order her around like a slave to him. 65% of women in Africa are afraid of their husbands. In other words, they live with their husband with so much fear. Many who show some resistance are molested and assaulted by their own husband. This tradition has gradually started going into extinction as the light of the new generation began to shine in Africa compared to some years back when a man could beat up his wife severely and claim it is to correct her for doing wrong or talking back at him or disobeying him or refusing to greet him by kneeling down or not cooking his food on time. Nevertheless, people took it as nothing back then. They believed in the woman worshipping the man. Some even choose to call their husbands “my lord” as a sign of respect to him.


Spirituality in Africa is a vast area of study and it is part of the African environment discussions. There are diverse religions in Africa but the commonest are Christianity, Islam followed by juju worship. Christians believe that there is a supreme being (God) who created and rules the universe and that his son (Jesus Christ) is the mediator between God and Humanity. The Islam believe that there is a supreme being (Allah) who created and rules the universe and that the prophet Mohammed is a true example of how all Islamists should worship Allah. The juju worshippers are group of people who have certain deities they believe protects their lives, and they are made to worship it by sacrificing to it in order to renew their worship.

There are also some secret cults, secret organizations that come as organization where people belong and there are also few that believe in nothing. They are commonly called atheists. Understanding the African behavior is made easy by first of all understanding their environment and spirituality. Every African you come across falls under one of the religions above or has another religion which is not so popular like the one mentioned above generally speaking 90% of African are in one religion or the other. Knowing the religion of the person you are going to talk to is suppose to be the first step in flowing better with the person. The first step is knowing the environment and the second is the religion now we shall move to the third which is cultures and tradition Cultures and traditions of a person forms his character and behavior in a great way. It is what he sees people around him doing that he grows up to do. It is the “agbada” that he always sees his father and mother wearing that he grows up to wear. When a child discovers that once in a year, people come together to celebrate what is known as “yam festival” he would not want to be left out because he is part of it.

In some cultures of Nigeria, young men greet their elders by portraying flat downward to the earth as a sign of respect and the young women kneeling down while some only require kneeling with one kneel for the men and kneeling with two kneels for the women and some others require just bowing down for the men and short squatting for the women. Now knowing what this people do at their locality can help in knowing how to approach them to get approval.


Now as a believer, I believe God created all humans in his image and likeness and no one knows if God is either white or black, the term “in his image” refers to the way he is. Now I am black and I believe God created me in his image so therefore God is black. As a while person also believes God created him in his image. He believes God created him in his image, therefore believes that God is black but God created us all. This means that God is white and black because he created us all in his image. The whites were given the white image of God while the black image of God. The difference in whites and blacks is color and the cause of the difference is simply in gene. Once you realize this fact, you will embrace people with the same love you have for yourself. It is color that makes us different. A black man behaves the way he behaves because of his environment. Now any white man that experiences what the black man experiences and stays where he stays will no doubt reason the same way the black man reasons and in the other way, if the black man stays where the white man stayed and get all the privileges he can get, he will eventually reason and think like the white man thinks. Its simple. Environments determine your behavior. The are all the same humans with their different intelligence and abilities and the only difference is opportunities and privileges which is why thr white are always ahead of Africans. The reason is because Africans do not enjoy the privileges and opportunities that the whites enjoy not that the Africans are not intelligent enough.


Now that we know the difference between the white and black and that it is color, we now see that aside from color, we are all the same species with two hand, two legs, a head, a brain, a heart, two hands, a mouth, a tongue, five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, a set of teeth, two ears, emotions, a skeletal system, a respiratory system, a reproductive system, a digestive system, a nervous system. Take a look at this The only thing the black have that the white cannot have is a dark gene and the only thing the white have that the black cannot have is a white gene. Every other thing can be possessed by both parties including knowledge opportunities.