An Introvert In Brazil

Autumn can be so warm and uncomfortable for a good sleep not after the scorching sun must have heated the wall of the room for hours.

Phmmmmm Josh sighed as he rolled uncomfortably from side to side of his second hand bed. He had washed his only bed spread and was lying on the bare foam which contributed to the discomfort h was experiencing. His day had been a long and stressful one and it all started from the moment he climbed down from his bed at about 5:20am to get ready for work. Not that he even slept well the previous night because he was busy thinking about the aching meeting he had with a lady called Tina where he embarrassed himself in front of her in the name of wooing her. It was so embarrassing that he wished it didn’t even happen at all.

“I should have just stayed on my own in the first place” he thought to himself but he let it settle when he realized that it had already happened.

‘I go make money for this life no matter wetin stand for my way, I must make am” he muttered to himself. As a matter of fact, it was because of the discomfort he was experiencing and he wished he had been in a house where there was electricity and air conditioners making the room cool so he could sleep.

                Josh finally stood up from the struggle for sleep and took four steps to what he called his work station comprising of a table, chair and loads of books, diaries, magazines. He looked at the few motivational/self help books he had on ground and contemplated which to read.

“I just need to browse the internet now jare. But this NEPA no wan even give us light now and my laptop no charge. I no even get data gan” he finished complaining and got up to soak a few spoons of garri to keep him busy till he is able to come up with an idea of something to do.  Josh’s Mom always referred to Josh as - a restless boy and sometimes she would say;

“Josh comot eye for laptop make you sleep. You no know say your face don dry finish? Sit down make you rest” and despite all these advice, Josh still continued with what he was doing because he believe in business before pleasure.

                As Josh sat down on a chair, he thought about his relationship with members of the opposite sex and realized that there was something wrong with him. He was a weird young man who had a really high drive but was unable to approach a lady and strike a good wooing conversation with her and if he did, he was not able leave a lasting good impression. His last relationship had been with a skinny lady called Dora who he met on 2go. Fortunately for him, she was staying in the same town with him and they had arranged to meet to get to know each other.  

                On the day of their date, josh had gotten to the venue before her and was waiting for her when she called that she was no longer interested reason that she had seen him from a far distance and did not like his looks and the casual dressing. It was later Josh got to realize that she had another boyfriend who attended the same secondary school with him.

                Few days later after this discovery, Josh ended the three weeks old shaky relationship and since then, he had not been in live relationship although he was still engaging in online relationships. He thought of hoe he met Ayodele Angela and the good times they shared with each other but then she left him because she thought she was older. Josh laid his reasons for not being able to talk to a lady on the basis that he was not financially capable and independent yet. Although he was sure of being emotionally ready for anything yet he sometimes still thinks that he was just a jerk and nothing more.

“No level for them jare” he would say. Sometimes also he talks about the confidence money gives a man. The kind of confidence that makes a guy walk straight to a lady without taking his eyes of hers while smiling naughtily as his brain keeps telling him that he has a hundred thousand naira in his bank account and some few change in his pocket just in case.

                Few minutes later, the garri was half drank and the temperature of the room had become cooler that Josh had slept off.

<             Josh looked around the beautiful site he was standing face to face with and noted so many interesting things. The vastness of the water was overwhelming that it made the color of the water very dark and blue in color. From about a hundred meters away from the sea where Josh was standing with just a short and no clothes on, he could feel the chilling effects of the water. Opposite the sea was a bright blue sky with a lot of white clouds hovering over it like a ship sailing with the wind. Worrying about where he was at the moment did not bother Josh rather he took time to explore more about this paradise.

“Oh sorry bro, that was a mistake” a man apologized after bumping into Josh while trying to run away from his two kids who were aiming handfuls on beach sand at their Dad.

“It’s alright I don’t mind” Josh replied the man who was already far away running and laughing as his kids threw beach sand at him. It was then Josh noticed something interesting.

They were whites

                Josh was surprised because the people in the beach were more whites than colored and blacks. The men were on shorts while the women were on panties and bras.

‘It looked like a beach party’ Josh thought to himself.

“Woooooooooooohh” somebody shouted from the sky and Josh looked up to observe and saw a young skinny white guy flying a kite. He had only seen these kind of kites in movies where Brazil was concerned. One of the movies was an animation captured in Brazil and Josh began to wonder if he was in Brazil. He had been longing so hungrily for an opportunity to travel to Brazil and experience the landscape, the huge carnivals too and probably get a wife for himself also but it had been so impossible for him to achieve because he was from a below average family background and was struggling to get himself an education. He looked around at the gorgeous big butt white ladies who were bare footed with their hair dangling around their shoulders. They were attractive and it was a dilemma for Josh because he had a sleeping giant that awakened each time he set eyes on big ass beautiful white Brazilian ladies especially when they were on panties and bras. He had two things in mind first ask somebody where he was and second, catch the fun. He looked around and saw a lady on blue pants and bra lying flat on her back

‘Good’ he thought to himself ‘after all blue happens to be my favorite color’

Walking towards her, he noticed that everybody seemed to be so engrossed in what they were doing. Those building castles were building it as if it was their homes, those chasing and running around were doing it as if their lives depended on it, those kissing didn’t care who was watching and a couple were also having sex some meters away from where Josh was standing.

“Hi gorgeous. I uhm” he scratched his head “am lost here and I am looking for two things” Josh finished as he gently squatted beside her

“Hey so what are they handsome” she answered. Josh’s head rang like a bell as he heard the words.

‘There were so nice here’ he thought to himself


“Oh sorry” Josh said after being brought back from his excitement “I was kind of lost in thought. See that’s how lost I am”

“I see”

“First, I need to know where I am. Please where is this place?”

“Are you kidding? You mean you don’t know this place? This is a beach in Brazil and there is a carnival coming up tonight”

Josh could not hold the excitement as he heard the revelation and as his head raced at a high speed, he didn’t know when e jumped up in excitement sprinkling sand on the lady’s as a result.

“My eyes, I can’t see anything! There is sand in my eyes!” she cried

“Oh am so sorry, I was over excited. Wait let me help you blow it out” Josh leaned closer as he dusted her face and held her face in his hands so tenderly. People’s attention seemed to have been drawn to them as they all watched with interest what was happening with the dark young man and the beautiful woman.

‘This is a Brazilian lady’s face am holding in my hands’ he thought to himself as he blew out the sand in her  eyes.  He blew air into them thrice and she began to laugh at this funny experiment. She had not seen it being done like this before.

“Ok ok, its fine now I can see you” she said “and by the way where did you learn that little trick from?”

“I learnt it from Nigeria where I come from, it’s normal there. We don’t take such cases to the hospitals or use any first aid treatments for them. All we just do is hold the person’s face, blow out the sand just like I did to you ten continue playing”

“Oh my God you are a Nigerian?”

“Yes I am and I have been dreaming to be in Brazil someday. That is why I was excited when you told me I was here. The name is Josh” he stretched his hand towards hers while she took it with excitement

“Ann” she replied

“So Ann. You feel better now?” josh asked while he mistakenly brushed her boobs while dusting the remaining sand from her face.

“Oops sorry ‘bout that. I should just stop dusting”

“Oh no no, it’s fine” she quickly answered “it’s not your fault”

“Thanks but I really should stop dusting because I think there is no more sand”

“Are you sure it’s all clean?” she asked. Josh knew this lady wanted him to continue brushing probably because he could touch her boobs again.

‘Was she beginning to have hot flashes here in the beach’ Josh thought to himself. ‘let me just play along’

“You did it so just make sure it is all clean because I don’t wanna go to the carnival with sand on a part of my face”

“Ok let me just finish up” and he took his hands to her face once more brushing her boobs the second time and this time on purpose. He noticed that she vibrated and smiled as his hand came in contact with her tip. Few seconds later, she was seated, leaning on one hand and they were both quiet and Josh was brushing the last traces of sand from her face. He noticed that she was staring naughtily at him while rolling her legs and biting her lips casually.

‘She has been turned on’ Josh said to himself and he remembered how daring he could be at times. He could light up a match in a river of petrol. That was how daring he could be.

“Ann you want to tell me something?” he asked to hear if she could say anything. He knew that white ladies were so bold that they can even woo a man without feeling inferior unlike Nigerian ladies who would rather pray for the guy to approach them even if it meant waiting for a decade. Josh knew this damsel could not say anything at the moment because she still kind of viewed him as a stranger so she counted on him to be the man in the situation.

“Without taking his eyes off hers, he drew a line with his pinky finger down the back of her ear so lightly that it felt like a feather and tickled her to her feet.

“What?” Josh asked with a little smile on his lips as if he didn’t know what was going on with her

“Oh nothing I thought I stepped on a crab”

“I can tell you are lying Ann. Hey you can tell me anything that’s bothering you.

“Well  I uhm……….. it’s just that….., never mind it’s nothing” she defended again.

‘This lady has good feminine defense’ Josh said to himself. He knew that at this point, he needed to make it easier for the both of them.

“You like a massage? I can massage you if you want ok am a masseur“ Josh winked

“That’ll be a great idea Josh” she agreed as she turned to show the biggest behind Josh had ever laid his eyes on.


“What? Is something wrong? Ann asked with a giggle filled tone

“No it’s nothing. I just thought I should let you know that you’ve got the cutest behind I have ever set my eyes on”

“What is anything wrong with my behind?” Ann asked

“No I mean they are so busty”

“Since you seem to take so much interest in my behind, you can start massaging from there”

“Oh my goodness! You mean I can grab and squeeze them right now?”

“Yes go ahead”

“Ok just give me 10 seconds let me grab my tools. I just remembered that my tools have been with me the whole time.”

“What are the tools Josh?”

“My hands”

She laughed heartily

“So let me just rub and grab all that butt with my hand an twist it over and over again till we both can’t hold much longer and who knows I may help you clean up your cobwebs below.” That was Josh blabbing

“What are you saying Josh? What cobwebs? There are no cobwebs on this beach you know. Naughty boy” she laughed

‘uhmmmm, I will just focus on rubbing my arms on this smooth skin of fat and squeeze it, take it up and down, open it, plunge a finger into……………..’    >


Josh heard voices yelling excitedly and he tried to figure out where they were coming from till he opened his eyes and discovered he was on his bed while a thread of spit had ran down from the side of his mouth to his right ears. He bit his lower lip angrily after sinking in the fact that he just left Brazil when the trip was getting to the most eventful part.

                He heard his stomach making funny sounds and the scent of fried plantain some meters away filled up his nose as he looked at the time and discovered he had been gone for four hours.