Burna Boy Unleashed

It is amazing what Afro Juju music can do to a person’s mind. It is indeed our African brand. The Keyboard and saxophone do a whole lot of work to this genre of music. The latest song of Burna Boy - gbona reveals the power of vibes in this unique style. He does it with his calm voice gently throwing the words into the microphone which makes it flow with the melody to pierce into the heart bringing out the artistic image in us. In this style of music, even if what the singer is saying in the song is complete nonsense, it fits so well into the beat as long as the voice continually follows the climbing and falling of the keys.

“When the gbedu dy enter body” Burna boy was saying and one can picture an image building in the head from that statement accompanied by two dominant chords of #Do and #Fa that sounded throughout the song and a saxophone that waits and sounds quickly after several beats like a light programmed to shine for 3 seconds once in every 10 seconds duration. The kind of drums played in this song actually sounded as if it was an ancient lose drum in a live coronation ceremony. And when the song is put on repeat, as each is being played you get goose bumps listening and hearing new things you didn’t hear in the previous play. And as the beats land heavily like slow makkossa, there is this mental picture of beautiful curvy ladies in short African attires of skirt and top wrap that leaves the part between the waist and breast open. The attires are painted in a combination of yellow, brown, red, pink, chocolate color and they engage busily in swinging their waist beads causing it to jump up to their visible tummy and down to their waist again pumping out beads of perspiration from the smooth tiny pores of their skin turning it into a dark shiny skin to behold. Not forgetting how their bare foot stamps the floor in a rhythmic romantic way that even the spectator would wish to be massaged with those feet. What a pleasant experience.