Rap hip hop music is one of those unique genres of music that is capable of taking over a person’s mood and replacing it with that of the hip/hop song being played. This style of music is so intense and heavy coming to the ears with two or more heavy hits of bass rum followed by the touches of snare drum and cymbals and high-hat but this is the primary beat and other hip hop songs can come with more beats that pass also through this primary principle. In dancing to hip hop music, one can lose control and switch from the gentle hops to jumping but at this stage we could say that it has taken over the mind and soul of the listener and even if he/she was unhappy some minutes ago after dancing and nodding to the beats of the song, even if he/she didn’t hear a single word tossed to the microphone by the single he would be in a brand new mood. Hip hop music can be a great weapon to lift up the mood of a person to a much higher and healthier one.

Some advice before listening to hip hop music would be getting all dressed up for dancing with good shoes preferably Gucci, Nike, Adidas or any other optional brand that will cling to the legs and give it ease to perform the quick jumps and spins required in the dancing process. In order not to get overwhelmed and burst into laughter that can go to become joyous tears, do not remain silent while the songs overwhelms the mind and soul because it can make the heart feel as if it wants to explode out of excitement what you need to do is sing and shout at the top of the voice while springing into the air with the head held up high and eyes closed. In the process of singing out, you allow the excitement some opening to flow out and consume other people around while freeing yourself at the same time.

Some of the world’s best rap hip hop stars of all time are not all known but the one I personally know are 2pac and Eminem. 2pac was a very rough street gangster who left an interesting mark in the history of hip hop music who lived very short life full of fights, crimes and lots of rap hit songs. He was a legend in rap hip hop that all new artists thriving to go into the music style can always look up to. Not just artist who want to go into the rap style but generally any artist who wants to start singing circular music as they have a lot of things to learn from the icon including morals and how to life of a superstar and not make the mistake that killed some of our music legends.