In Auchi, a small town sitting on a hill covered with trees, slopes, valleys and bends. Where the modern language is a second thought and where people of different cultures from all over the black race dwell.

In Auchi, a school finds itself. It is established and calls out to people from all over the black race.

In Auchi, sits a school where the students live a hard school life which comprises of staying on ATM queue under skin burning sunshine. Where buying textbooks is a criterion to passing a course. Where computer science students only get to enter into the computer lab on the day of a CBT examination. Where lecturers boldly tell you to go home and teach yourself what you were suppose to be taught in school. Where half of the classes in school of ICT have no power supply

In Auchi, There are natives who thing they can take what is meant for everybody and make it their community property.

In Auchi, There is a GT bank branch where the management place a television on the wall, program a mobile banking directory and make it play over and over again and fell it is not necessary to entertain customers who come to the bank with a good dose of TV entertainment like sports, news and so on.

In Auchi, There sits a UBA bank branch where the organizational relationship is as close and strong as the building of a 2kn bridge. Where the CSO is as tough as jean claude and handles misconduct like a true C SO. Where the African culture in the area of attires is displayed by workers on Fridays. Where customers are entertained in every possible way including that of the eyes.

In Auchi, Lays a fidelity bank branch where the staffs are young men and women with interesting characters and also few aged men and women also. Where most students of Auchi poly pay their school bills and do most of their transaction at top speed and still go out proclaiming to the world that they didnít get good service. Where the cleaners comprising of two young men and two young women are made to do work that is outside their original duty in the bank. Where the cleaners are used to deliver tickets, clear grasses, buy food from both near and far distances, share transaction slips, serve food, buy groceries from the market, run errands that even delay the cleaners from doing their primary job in the bank. Where an auditor meets a cleaner eating in the canteen and orders him/her to leave his/her food half eaten and go downstairs to fetch water from the dispenser in the banking hall for him.

In Auchi, Where a major road like igbe road is damaged beyond repair and it triggers no concern by the local government.

In Auchi, There is a church called omega fire ministries founded by Apostle Johnson Suleiman by the grace of God. A church where young men and women, boys and girls, fathers and m others, old men and women come to worship God with joyful hearts. Where we dance like insane people and forget our sorrows in the process of spinning, running, rolling on the floor, shouting, simultaneously and doing it as the urge comes. Where we get everything we need in church including healing and deliverance, prophecies, the word of God, teaching about day to day life experiences, advice from our own dear Apostle Johnson Suleiman by the grace of God.

In Auchi, where we enjoy electricity for a day and suffer black out for more than three days and where Saturdays and Sundays are generally known as blackout days. Where we hear news that the local government is making plans for installing a transformer and you know what, we have been waiting for more than 15 months till date. Where is it normal to seize power before it starts raining with the excuse that they donít want the rain to damage the electricity.