On this day 28th October, 2018 josh wrote down on his journal the story of how his Sunday became one of the most memorable days of his life.

"When I woke up this morning, I rolled over to search for my phone with my right hand as I normally do every morning to check the time because It was a Sunday morning and I was well aware that the church bus would not wait for anybody who did not wait for it. I finally touched my phone and lifted it to my dizzy face that still had some muddy particles on them to see that is was few minutes to 6 am. I was shocked but I believed I could not miss the bus. Few minutes later, I was seated on the last seat in the bus after having a little conversation with this lovely lady who attends the same church with me. In the bus, I was comfortable until a woman with very big ass came and occupied the little space between myself and a little boy. I managed to make myself comfortable till we got to church. We came down and as I always do it, I was already jogging into the church to behold a congregation of men and women, boys and girls all dressed up in red clothes. The whole place was a sight of red. It was beautiful and fierce. I got to a seat. We danced, prayed, listened to testimonies, listened to the choir ministration, and listened to our Apostle Johnson Suleiman's teachings and prophecies and closed. Redeemed Christian church of God (Excellent parish) were having their praise concert on that same day by 3pm and I had arranged my schedule to attend the program. It was a praise program so I reminded myself that I was going to praise God and not man. The program began at about 3:30pm and as the spirit led, I danced tirelessly to the high life songs the host choir were singing. By the time it was half way into the program, I and given the invited guests and members a good dose of entertainment and I was surprised when the MC called me out to offer me a Glo recharge card for being such an inspiration. When I stood up, the whole church applauded and I became nervous because I didn't know that they had been watching me the whole time. Well that was it. The invited guest including the choir from my former church parish - breakthrough parish which comprised of a set of male twins, a beautiful curvy lady called joy and another very beautiful lady called Nora and Mr. Lucky and many others.

Enoh Ginger the drummer came also to showcase his dexterity and his mastery of the art of jazz drumming. He was excellent. The program was a well arranged one and if I was to score them, I’d score them 99%. Great ai. I left the church some minutes to 7pm and a young man called Oshioke escorted me to the junction where I took off to my house to write down what happened on this day 28th October, 2018 “ Written and posted on 05th November, 2018 which is two weeks from its actual date.

HANT-have a nice time