When I was younger, there was a game I use to play and the game was called foloko beating and the rules of the game is for a player to make sure the ball does not pass through the foloko. Foloko is the opening in between the two legs. The game is such that if the ball passes through the foloko, the victim is to make sure to touch a wall nearest to him before another player gets to him otherwise he will receive beating. In other words if you let the ball through your foloko, you will get beaten until you touch a wall. In this game, there are no goal kicks, no corners, other normal rules of football too. It is just one rule – the one above and we normally played it in open space of about three hundred meters by two hundred meters. It is what taught me to always keep my foloko closed wherever am playing football because I still remember the beating I use to collect back then. I use to cut my hair to skin and when my head starts shining people will be looking for ways to get the ball under my foloko and when they succeed, they have one place they would want to beat and it is my head.

When I was younger there is this game I use to play it was called monkey post and it is just like normal football only that the goal post is usually smaller than normal goal post just about six or five count of the feet then we place the stones on both sides and then we choose which side should pull clothes and which side should wear clothes and after that, we start the game. This game is actually the game that taught most of our good players of today accuracy, persistence today’s football.

When I was younger, there was a game I use to play, it was called mopo and it is done by using the container of a drink to touch somebody and then run so that he does not use it touch you back. We normally draw a circle and enter inside with our sticks, throw the container up and whoever it touches starts the game and also aims and shoots the container to another player and the person being targeted makes sure he uses his stick to prevent it from touching him and he can also use his stick to hit the container far away so the pursuer is tortured a little until he touches someone else with the container and then that person also takes over from him to start chasing.

Few weeks before we left secondary school, we were privileged to enjoy that game. It started jokingly. We closed from school and were heading home on that day and then a guy who just finished his Lacasera drink threw the container to hit another guy. The other guy took the container and chased the offender head over hills and when he could not catch him, he took the container and dropped it on another person and the other person began to chase his offender also then somebody shouted “mopo” and everybody began to run seeing that there was a “mopo” game going on. That was how it started that day and when we got to an open space, we decided to mobilize our selves, draw a circle and play the game