In a lifetime, one must have come across so many people, made countless friends. For me, I must say that I made many friends. Those of the same sex and those of the opposite sex but in this article, we are going to be talking about the female friends that I had a thing for. The girls I felt attracted to. In conclusion, we shall be talking about the ladies I came across during my teenage years spanning through the time when 2go came out popular and when Facebook took over with its brother Whatsapp

It all started in the year 2013 when my family and I came to Auchi to start a new life after the security problems in Kaduna. My mom had bought me a Sony Ericson phone which I used to open a facebook and a 2go account and which I also used to start watching - you know. The strong force to have a girl friend and have sex started for me at a very young age of 13 and it had only grown to the extent of feeding my eyes with what it wanted as I started looking for ways to see privacies. That was how this uncontrollable urge started and when I got a phone it only became worse. I thought to myself that I would get a girlfriend as soon as possible and check out something out. Then I started chatting on 2go. I became addicted so quickly and I loved it with all my heart. I could walk a kilometer to look for somewhere to charge my phone and keep me online. I made so many friends so quickly from my classmates to friends I didn’t even know who I got to know from groups such as Benin group chat, mushin group chat and go trivia group. I can’t really remember who I met first but I remember who I met and am going to start with.


And I knew her from one of the groups I visited frequently. I can guess that I got her from either Benin group or go trivia group.

I fell in what I referred to as “love” with her few days after we came across each other. The Love or whatever it was, was genuine because I never got tired of talking with her neither did my feelings wax cold. She was a dark slim girl who was a year younger to me and carried low cut as her hair style. She was a beautiful young girl. During our time of friendship there were so many quarrels, so many insults and I could give that to the fact that we were still very young and naive. The thing that mostly attracted me to this young damsel was her stubbornness and hardness. She also fell in love with me from day one but she didn’t admit it. It took months for her to admit that she loved me too. That was who Gracie was - as I use to call her.

When people began to desert 2go, we transferred our friendship to facebook where another new Gracie came up. Of course I would give that to the fact that she was beginning to grow up. WE rather. Gracie was the perfect girl for me until Justin came up and Gracie broke the news to me that she loved me no more. She explained that it was because we were far away from each other and that our relationship would never work unless we were together. The funny thing was that she left Justin some days later and we were together again. Kids stuff huh? Well actually I did have something for her. We were so close to each other that I knew virtually everything about her including her family. I even use to dream about her sometimes too. Gracie is from egbira tribe in Edo state and she has so many siblings; elder brothers and sisters and also younger ones too. It was one of her elder brother that advised her to be careful with me. He told her to stay away from me after reading our chat and found some erotic messages in them. After the incidence, Gracie came to me to officially bring our relationship to an end because her brother didn’t approve of it. Every brother was bound to do that anyway so it was nothing to be so vexed about I had told myself back then. The problem in doing it is the guy involved. A guy like me may not stop just because of that. Gracie actually made up her mind to end it and stay away and that was what made the feeling go cold. So she became a student of UNIIBEN in 2017 and that was the last I heard from my beloved Gracie as she decided to make it a habit to either not pick my calls or end them half way when she discovers it was me. Gracie taught me how to be patient with ladies but then I actually only practiced it on her and was yet to practice it on another lady.


Due to the fact that I am eager to talk about this lady now, I am going to talk about her. Ayodele Angela. I actually didn’t meet Angela from 2go. It was on Facebook that I became friends with this beautiful lady. My meeting with Angela was a miracle to me. I can’t remember who sent the friend request but we became friends to be precise. I fell madly in love with Angela. I can get a little too erotic and crazy talking about Angela because our relationship was a genuine one. We felt it. Each of us left a hole in our hearts when we ended the relationship which may never be covered. Angela use to be that kind of lady who wants to love you for who you are and not what you have. Everyone would say that because when we started our relationship, I had nothing and it only became worse when the phone I was using to facebook chat with her got damaged. And as if our spirits could not be separated so easily, quick facebook was launched and I got a Nokia torch light phone. We would sometimes chat till morning at 1 am and still she would be angry with me at dawn for going to sleep and leaving her online. It was a sweet experience.

Angela was a fair medium sized coca-cola shaped lady with gap teeth and pink lips which made her one of the beautiful ladies on campus. She was a student of Auchi Polytechnic when we met while I was about writing my SSCE. So it was not my eligibility that made this lady love me. It was just her love for me. She loved me with all her heart. She was older than I with 2 years and was also ahead of me academically. And somebody would always tell me that I started massaging my giant during the period Angela started putting me in a heated condition. Our chats would go from;
“If you are taken away from my life, I would die” and
“I feel like going to cast a spell on you never to leave me ever”
“Baby I am dripping wet! Am soaked down there what should I do?” and
“Sweet heart I just came” and our bodies would be on fire, boiling for each other.

Angela once said that something and that marked the beginning of our relationship death. She said that we can’t get married because I was a small boy. Well I thought of it and it was true, I mean how was it going to happen? People would know she is older than me. What did I have to take care of my Angela? I was just a boy who didn’t have enough boxers yet and we had not even set eyes on each other because she was ashamed of introducing me as her boyfriend to her friends. Till today I still don’t know if Sandra was a friend of Angela or Angela’s imaginary friend that she used to test my love for her. What happened was that on one fateful day, I saw a text message from a strange number and she told me her name was Sandra and even though I can’t really remember what she said or how the conversation went I know that she tried to tell me that she had something for me. She even fixed a date for us to see each other but we didn’t see each other because I told her that I was at work and would not be chance to see her. After that, we didn’t talk further. The next time I talked with Angela, she told me that her friend planned to set me up by inviting me over and seducing me and then Angela would end the relationship after catching me on top of her friend in the room. I regretted ever replying that strange number that way and I regarded myself as a fool after that. After that I apologized and told her that it was not the way she was thinking it because I told the unknown person that Angela was the lady in my life and that was what I think saved me from my conscience but it didn’t also stop me from thinking that there was something fishy about the whole thing. I could fill a thousand book pages simply talking about how I feel and how my experience with this damsel went. It was the best of all.

I made countless efforts to meet with her one on one to no avail because she kept claiming that she was shy to introduce me as her boy friend to her friends. I would not also forget that I know a little about this darling; her favorite food use to be rice and dodo. She once threatened that the day I come to her house, she would pour alcohol in my mouth from her mouth because I told her that I don’t take alcohol. Also not forgetting that her phone number is one of the few numbers I know by heart. Several weeks later, we began to draw the curtain to a close. She said she was scared to introduce me as her boyfriend to her friends, she said I couldn’t take care of her needs and she always accused me of wanting to have her for free. She got a new boyfriend who could take care of her needs according to what she told me several weeks later and I wasn’t so pained about it anyway but I could guess that she was pained for dumping me. Angela is the first and only lady to have sent me recharge card of #800 on a single day and that was the level of her love for me. As time went by, we that would chat the whole day were now chatting with each other more than less. Some months later, she graduated from ND in Auchi Polytechnic and left for Lagos. She promised me that when she was coming back to Auchi Polytechnic for her HND, she would finally settle to see me. And I was waiting for that day till this day 28th April, 2018 when the manuscript of this writing was typed and 10th September, 2018 when it was edited and posted on the internet, Gracias.


During the time when 2go was still invoke, I visited a Mushin group and came out with a brand new friend called Chika. I had the motive of getting a new friend from that group because I heard some of my friends say that Mushin group had so many fine ladies. Ladies who were willing to give what I asked for. At that period, there was this question Boys and girls always ask each other back then. In my own case, if I have not asked a girl the question on 2go, it was either the girl is somehow related to me or else I would ask. It is the “have you had sex?” question. Our chat started and we started it intimately. That question of have you had sex or are you a virgin soon rolled out from my mind and of course she would say “no” what was I expecting her to say before? What if she had? Was it my business? NO. We began to tell each other things like “I love you”, I will marry you bla bla bla. Kid stuff LOL. Chika was in Lagos while I was in Auchi. A very far and harmful distance for any relationship to last. But who cared? We were already relating in our relationship. Soon Chika began to tell me about some of her friends and it was one mistake she made. Making me know her friends and making her friends know me. She first introduced me to Udoh Hope who was attending the same secondary school with her in Apapa where they stay too.

Udoh Hope was a plump girl and dark in complexion and a little below average in height. She was a girl who came from a wealthy family and never lacked anything. Chatting with a girl on 2go only led to one thing at that time to majority of guys and not just me anyway so having Hope as a friend on 2go was like having another target for another relationship even if she was a friend’s friend. In a little time, Hope had started getting intimate with me but she made it limited because she was aware that my relationship with Chika was somehow hot. Chika introduced me to another friend of hers – Temitayo Becky. Temitayo didn’t get too intimate with me because we knew ourselves a little too late and 2go was already being deserted. But before we let go of each other, I had already become popular in Chika’s class as I had known two of her friends already who tease her with my name in the class too as Hope told me time back then. She said they called Chika – Jboy (My name) and she blushed in embarrassment. Sometimes I would sit down to picture the scene where classmates would be talking about someone who is a far distance away from them and some would be asking, who is jboy? I was a freaking celebrity yo.


I call her the lady that came in 2016, and I also call her the lady who refused to stay and grow old with me. Mary was as natural as eve. She was always on gowns and her hair was always neatly and finely packed because she doesn’t plait her hair. She had pimples on her cute little face and she doesn’t make up. She was so natural and beautifully natural. The first day I saw her, I was not really focused but as I kept seeing her over and over, I began to pay attention to her. She was as gentle as a dove. Sometimes, she would come to the store where I work back then to charge her phone. Of course I often seize the opportunity to strike a conversation with her and always ended up enjoyed it. I was beginning to fall in love with her. I loved everything about her. Her qualities, her words, the way she spoke English, the way she walked. I loved her hair so much and had always wished to smell the scent of it. It was so natural and then her cute eyes. Oh those eyes, when I looked into those eyes, I felt as if a knot was being tightened in my stomach. Everything about her gave me goose bumps and chilling sensations. But then I remained silent all this while. Fear held me back and I couldn’t open my mouth. I shiver and get frightened whenever that thought came to my mind. The thought that she might say no made me uneasy each time I thought of it. Another thing that made me lay low was because she told me a little about the bad side of her and it was frightening. She said to me that she doesn’t forgive easily if she is wronged, even though I pretended not to be hurt by that, I was indeed hurt and scared to be in love with a difficult person.

After some months, I decided to kill my feelings for her and move on with my life but each time I eventually set my eyes on her, I feel more in love with her. “The only way I could kill this feeling was to be away from her” I said to myself. When it was time for her final exams, she was no longer frequent in coming out to visit my place of employment. Few months, I resigned from the book shop job and that put a stop to my contact with my secret admire. She graduated few months later too and left to Lagos. I told myself that I wasn’t going to let her go away from me that easily. She may have been gone from my environment but she was not gone from my heart. Luckily for me, I had her phone number so I started calling her. A couple of incidents that I had witnessed in this girl had given me the hope that this girl could be meant for me. I was so confident that it had been she who had been missing from my life and I vowed back then that now that I had found her, nothing was going to make me leave her. But sometime later, after she had been so serious about the fact that she didn’t love me, I gave up trying and moved on.