Geniuses are special type of people who do their thing in a way that is far above the normal level of the average human. A genius can come with a lot of interesting behavior because it takes such hard work to be able to do what they can do.

Geniuses are weird and can be extremely quiet and lonely in other words they may hardly speak a word all they do is let everything play within them. They take more action than talking. Although there are some geniuses who have the drive for talking; this is totally fine and that may be an inbuilt characteristics but most geniuses generally exhibit the quiet and weird personality; the type that people would want to know about.

Abnormality is also a characteristic of genius and some can even portray some behaviors as if they have little touch of madness in them. The madness and abnormality is not the extreme one where somebody would be considered insane and mentally abnormal but it is talking about the extreme shows of audacity that the normal person would not naturally be able to commit. It is very interesting to be around a genius while it can also be annoying when they are not allowed to function as the genius they are geniuses are experts in their discipline and they do not boast so much about it. A genius in business knows exactly how to make a good business anytime and any day not because he is so learned or had good education but because he/she spends a lot of time thinking about business and in the process got a lot of flashes of ideas. They are truly an inspiration to people watching them do the extraordinary things similar in the case of a genius in computer works such as programming, web design and so on.