Good morning sir it’s a brand new day and I am her once again holding down my dairy thinking of what to write as my mom continues ranting about us and girls. She can be so disturbing most of the time. Anyway this is Wizkid - Soco playing on my phone now and as I roll my head to the tune of the wonderful beat I am thinking of the just concluded election in Osun state and I don’t know what to say about it. I wanted Davido’s uncle to win this thing and I heard he even topped his opponent before they cancelled the election and decided to redo the election.

Wizkid - Soco playing for the second time. Yesterday something came into my mind just as I left the library heading towards my faculty for an exam. I have discovered that I am always so frightened when I come in front of people in some places anyway. Like in school I always feel left out and this has made me so uncomfortable. In church, I am not so that way and some people can testify to that with the way I dance in front of people. I can do a whole lot with my body to my God. I can do the off-beat dance, the ROTF (roll on the floor) style, the makossa style anyhow I do it, the tumble forward and backward, the hop way and the cultural style and have a whole lot of people laughing behind and motivate some who had been standing like sculptures join me in dancing.

In school, I guess it is because I have not been so excited about coming to this school in the first place. My mind has been off since I started the school so I could not make friends and keep them. Have just been minding my business of coming to attend classes, writing tests, going to the library and writing exams. Now Tekno – Go playing and my little brother – Confidence sucking his spaghetti noodles into his mouth. So why is Nigeria electricity like this? Is it Nigeria entirely or just Auchi where I stay that has this poor electricity problem? I have a dozen and one articles that need to go to my file manager on Q-servers network and here I am with my diary writing more and more then at the end of the day, they will switch on the supply at night and expect me to wake and begin to hurry and stress myself out. Sometimes I wonder who they are deceiving because most times Monday to Fridays, they supply the light when workers like me are out of the house then when we come back from work, they would have seized it.

On Saturdays, they don’t provide us with light at all because they obviously know that everybody will be at home to consume the power when they supply it. I really have this strong feeling that the tenure and reign of NEPA in Nigeria is over and they need to be kicked out and replaced with new power companies and this will give way for development to come to Nigeria. It is this electricity problem that cripples the dreams and ideas of Nigerian youths. Provide reliable electricity and watch companies dive into Nigeria to take advantage. It is so hard to believe that the so-called giant of Africa – Nigeria could be in so much backward living. No wonder most fraud cases these days are recorded to be originated in Nigeria. Everybody wants to have money and they are ready to have it in any possible means. It is too bad to say all the evil and wickedness going on in this country Nigeria. Yet they still stand up and celebrate independence. In a country where humans are killed in hundreds almost every day; in a country where the highest rate of poverty is recorded to exist; in a country where youths suffer insults of being lazy humans by their own leader and president in another man’s country.

It’s October 1st which is usually a day to celebrate the independence of Nigeria. It is declared work free day by the federal government of Nigeria. I wanted to write something about Asa music but nothing came to mind so I dropped the topic and decided to do a little free writing to stir up my brain this early morning. Looking at the condition Nigeria is in presently, is there really anything to celebrate other than the freedom we got years ago? Seriously speaking, there is nothing to celebrate in this country presently or maybe a hungry person would go and stand singing the national anthem or mother whose sons had been killed because of insecurity should pledge to Nigeria? Or somebody’s farm that have been destroyed by cows should celebrate the present president of the country in whose hands the country have broken down into bits of chaos.

Nigerians are so complicated to the extent of knowing what they want and going for the opposite. Clearly they know it is a change in leadership in the country’s various aspects entirely they need but they’ll rather sell their vote to the unfavorable guys for an amount of less than twenty thousand naira then at the end of the day when the hardship begins as a result of the people they themselves voted for, they’ll be the ones shouting this government is bad. They chose that path so why should they complain again? Selling votes is like selling the conscience for four years in other words, just sit back and enjoy or suffer it with the mouth shut then the money from that vote sold should sustain them for the period of four years then after the time is over, we sit back and watch to know if they learnt any lesson of course they don’t ever learn.