Little Jey

It all started after little jay clocked twelve years old.
An uncle living meters away purchased a movie and disposed the pack
And little jay’s world changed the moment he beheld the pack
The little pack hovered with the wind and found its remains in the hands of another anonymous who fed on it and tore it into pieces
For all his life, he had been momma’s boy and knew less than nothing about the world
until two little pals picked up the pieces of papers.
They headed to the secret to behold the image contents
Then the devil in them brought them to little jay with the weapon of friendship
And they let all hell loose the moment they revealed it to him
As his eyes were still on the contents,
just like magic, little jay began to feel blood rushing fifty miles per minute opposite from his brain and awakened the giant within.
No one bothered to nurture him as to how this worked till that moment
Its precious red liquid continued diverting from his brain to the below
and there was not enough blood for thinking
All hell broke loose there and then
Poor little jay was amazed at what a tiny piece of paper could do to a 12 years old body.
Little did he know that the urge had begun planting itself in the veins of his mind.
And from that day a new button emerged active inside his tiny little mind.
Then as time scrolled its pages it grew stronger.
Soon little jay started escorting all them females to nature’s pub
just to watch how their dialers looked liked when they replied nature’s chat
unfortunately little jay in this process contacted a skin disease from the heat of the pub
but kept it Babylon – Nigeria
away from momma till it spread all over and threatened his secrecy
and momma ran head over hills to fix the scandal.
Little jay got a phone and soon proceeded to the internet
His wet dreams showed up when he was 15 which to him was considered early.
Then with all the equipments and internet privileges, he came across a lady called Angela on facebook
and fell into the deep with her.
She made the little boy hot and he made her hot too and it was an intimate relationship.
Little jay at the age of 16 knew a good number of them websites
and even had registered poofiles on most.
He even knew the latest movies, pictures, styles and style names.
Little jay started receiving slashes of guilt when he promoted
At this stage, he could let out 300million living organisms out of their stronghold once a day and sometimes twice.
Soon he lost interest in the opposite sex and believed he could satisfy himself for the mean time
And the little boy grew into a quiet young complicated genius with a super intelligent mind who liked giving birth to his thoughts through writing.