When life knocks me face downward, I taste the dust and remember that the creator is up there telling me to bounce back to my feet and trample on the dust and face life head on. I got up and breathed in and out and before I opened my eyes, a strange wind came rushing from the west toward me. It knocked me face downward again and I told myself that I was taking life too gently and that every man had been given the right to decide his own destiny before life rose from its infancy. The sun rises from the east and settles on the west, the water falls down to the earth as rain and is again lifted up into the sky. The hills have lines structures that go from down to up on both sides force takes an object upward and gravity brings it down. God is up, he has never been down. Yes that was it. I was created in the image of God. I am like God and since God is up, I am supposed to be up too. I ought to be on top I said to myself and with this mindset, my moral and confidence was charged to 100% and heat evaporated out from my skin and burned the hands of life that had been used to pin me to the ground and it let go of me. I stood up and followed the guidance of God and acquired knowledge from different places but all of a sudden, a woman came with all the beauty and got my hands pulled back and my eyes covered and I couldn't see the pit ahead so I fell into it and saw life jubilating for its successful hunt for me. Deep in the dark pit, I tried to make use of my eyes but it was no longer useful in that dark pit. The darkness was so thick that I felt it chocking me even in the pit. I was strong and intelligent but that did not show me how to get myself out of the situation I was in. I had gone to school to learn to be a computer scientist but this was no computer science problem. I could solve algorithms, write thousands of programming codes and compose brilliant write but the problem I was in was a problem of the mind, a problem that required self motivation and not degrees. A problem that required a positively charged attitude charged to it full and not school knowledge. I stopped fighting the situation plainly and started to fight it logically. I closed my eyes in that deep dark hole of isolation and immediately I closed them as if on cue, a bright light shone from deep within me and there was a connection between my mind and brain and some things began to play there and I saw them directly and clearly while my eyes were shut.

"Change your mindset/attitude and you will change your life" I read as the words displayed themselves like a slide show
"The key to overcoming life's challenges is within you" I became interested in this slide show of words and the feelings they triggered in me.
"You are the master of your own fate. You decide how your life will be"
"Do not let life push you into submission. Fight back"
"The world doesn't want to hear the story of how or why you failed. They want to hear the story of how you succeeded."
"To be a hero, you don't have to do big things you just have to do the right ones."

A molecule of tears ran down my cheek as my eyes were closed and my palms folded to form fists. I felt the anger building from deep down the smallest part of my intestines and travelling through the enteric nervous system to the tiny tubes where blood travels through to my heart and brain. More tears began to pour out like streams of water and I felt blood rushing through to my brain and it aroused the emotion of anger. It was a positive anger that was building to destroy this pit of humiliation that life had put me in. the pit of deep darkness that was swallowing me up. I felt the fire burning out from my heart and pumping up to my mouth. Then when it came to my mouth, it went to the brain and filled up my whole head and mouth that it exploded out from my mouth and words started pouring out.

"I am a founder, CEO, creative superstar"
"I know who I am"
"I am too hot, radical and madly not normal and anything that stands in my way to greatness will be crushed because I am reckless"
"Nobody can stand in my way. Not even myself"
"I am going to live my dreams"
"I am going to get the $900,000,000,000,000 I wrote on the wall of my room in five years time counting from now."
"I cannot be poor"
“I may be broke now that's temporary but I cannot be poor because that's eternal rather I will be rich, wealthy, successful whatever you call it."
"I am going to feed countries and continents"
"Nobody can harm me"
"The whole word shall rise up to applaud me"
"My name will be on people's lips and my impact will be in their hearts for thousands of years"
"I am a survival"

And I yelled out loud from the highest pitch of my voice
"I shall fear no evil for God is with me and even if I fall down seven times, I shall rise up again and conquer the gates of Sheol and the grip of Hades and I shall stand up strong and shine like the sun."

There and then, I opened my eyes and saw myself being lifted out from the pit and chains were burning and falling off and I sighed and shouted once again "I am free".