Two Nights To Christmas

I am going to make this Christmas so memorable that it’ll be very difficult to forget. I thought to myself as I wheeled down the slope on my brand new sport bicycle which I bought two days back in preparation for the 2019 okpekpe road race.

I was heading to an ATM machine to withdraw some money for my Christmas groove. The town was deserted as many students had gone to their various homes to celebrate the Christmas but I could still see some beautiful ladies on the sides of the road as I rode the bicycle climbing a hill. This were some of the features of this town. It is so full of hills and slopes and bends.

I got to GT bank first and stopped to check if I could withdraw some money from their ATM machine. I noticed that only few persons were there. Some were making use of the machine while some others were gisting and I also saw a fair beautiful lady standing close to the entrance of the bank wearing a skimpy pink gown on a white canvass with medicated glasses that had dropped to her nose. She was folding her hands across her boobs and looked worried. I wondered what would possibly be making her frown her beautiful face and decided to try to chat the beautiful pinky up.

“hello pretty. The name is Joshua.” I said offering her a handshake which she took after hesitating “I was standing over there” I pointed to where my bicycle was parked close to the road

“looking at you and how beautifully English you look in that pink gown of yours and these glasses but I  became sad when I looked at your face and saw a frown on it” please tell me what is bothering you so I can help you sought it out cause I want to see that smile on your face.”

“I don’t know you. Why will I tell you?” she asked

“well because I took the courage to share a burden with you. I just want us to help each other.”

“help each other? How would you help me? and how would I help you?”

“I’d help you solve whatever it is that is bothering you and you will help me by just putting a smile on those cute lips of yours. That’s it”

“she chuckled faintly and raised her head to show me the sweetest dimple I have ever set my eyes on.”

“you are suppose to be in a castle with a king because you look so much like a queen when you smile” I smiled

“oh puh-lease” she rolled her eyes

“I came to withdraw today only to discover that the ATM card I took had expired and I need to withdraw this money to travel back because I came here to visit my family.”

“oh am sorry about that pinky. So which bank ATM do you have there?”

“it’s fidelity bank. Don’t just know what to do right now”

“oh that should not be a hard problem to solve. You can transfer the money into my account so I can withdraw it right here.”

“but how are you going to transfer it? I just told you the ATM card has expired and it’s a Saturday. “

“have you ever heard about instant banking?”

“no what’s that”

“it’s a type of banking you can do operate with you phone anytime, any day and anywhere. You can recharge you phone number with it, transfer money to someone and so on.”

She looked confused as I explained how mobile banking worked but I kind of continued anyway

“let me have your phone so I can show you how it works.” I demanded

“I don’t trust you yet. Just tell me what to do so I can do it myself.”

“ok pinky. Dail *770# and then we can proceed from there. What’s your name anyway? Or should I just keep calling you pinky or beautiful? I don’t mind”

“my name is Pelumi and don’t call me pinky again” she did as I had instructed and I cam closer to where she was standing while she came closer to show me what she was doing too.”

“a menu is up so what now?” she asked

“enter reply and choose 1 – instant banking.”

She followed every of my instructions carefully but she had not used it before and soon she gave up her defence and handed the phone to me. I helped her register and she chose her pin.

“how much do you want to transfer? I asked but was surprised at what she did next. She supported my jaw with her tiny fingers and lifted it up so my eyes were starring at hers.

“look into my eyes as you ask the questions so I would know if you are trying to play me or something.” She said

“ok” I answered after laughing nervously “so how much do you want to withdraw?”

“just fifty five thousand naira”

“ok and one more thing. You are going to be charged for the transfer just like in ATM machines. Its less than a hundred naira

“no problem go ahead” she answered

I typed her pin which she just chose then pressed send and in less than ten seconds she was debited while I was credited. Showed her the successful transaction and withdrew the money including the four thousand naira I came to withdraw. She counted it and approved that it was complete with a smile. I was dumbfounded when she jumped and threw her tiny body on me and I felt something strong against my chest. I wished it was what I was thinking.

“thanks so much Joshua. I don’t know what I could have done if I hadn’t met you here today” she said as she counted the four thousand naira on top and gave to me.

I was so surprised and wanted to grab the money out of her hand almost immediately but I had to show her that I had level you know what I mean.

“oh thanks but you know you don’t have to do that. I just helped you and didn’t expect anything” my emotions of wants hit me  so hard and scolded me that I almost exploded.

“no please take it. I insist. If it was not for you, I wouldn’t have gotten this money today”

“ok then if you insist” I collected the money and pushed it deep into my pocket until I was sure it was safe .

“so Pelumi I think we need to know each other more because…..”

“Yes” she interrupted quickly “we do need to. Let’s meet at presto hotel tonight”

“what? But presto is too you know. I don’t think I can aff……” I didn’t want to blow my broke cover so I was about changing the sentence when she cut me short with the sweetest words I have heard from a lady

“don’t worry am paying all the bills” she completed and  proceeded to bring out a card from her bag and gave it to me “here is my card. just call me when you are there. I would like you to come by 8:30pm”

“I will be there by 5pm if you want” I said still not sure if the “am paying the bills” she said was actually “you are paying the bills”

“ok let’s make it 6pm” she said

“great” I agreed. See you tonight then”

“once again thanks very much tiger” she said

“You’re welcome pinky” I said with a wink. She rolled her eyes and gave me a sign of warning as she cat walked down to a white colored Benz. It was after she opened the door that I knew it was her ride.

I looked at the card she gave me and my eyes almost popped out as I saw the words  - Pelumi Supermarkets

“damn” I muttered as I jumped on my bicycle to go prepare  for the date.